Tacoma Life 005

I love this address. It has been my home for 24 years. But the word “home” is changing to me. Mount Hermon is the place that I now consider my home. 1740 S. Proctor, or “Little House on the Proctor”  that we lovingly call it, is now just sort of the place I visit a few times a year, where my parents live, and where I store years and years worth of memories.

Today was the best day. I did all my favorite Tacoma summer things. Let me give you a little peek into my world.

Waking up late, stumbling downstairs, filling a big bowl with all sorts of fresh fruit, and heading outside to sit in the early afternoon sun.

Reading for hours on the porch swing.

Painting my toes and letting them dry in the sun.

Showering and letting my hair dry in wild and crazy ways because I know the only people I’ll see that day is my family.

Listening to the little neighbor kids play in the backyard literally from 7am until when they have to go to bed. I love this because not only is the childish laughter so infectious, but their antics remind me of 8 year old Sarah, romping around the back of the house, making “stews” out of rotton apples from the ground under our apple tree, sticks, dirt, and leaves. I love sitting outside listening to Kylee, Isabelle, and baby Joe. I wonder if they will ever know how happy they make me, how they push me to remember what it’s like to be young and uninhibited.

Dad making one of his famous salads and bringing me fresh veggies (like today whenI was painting and he came around me and placed pea pods on the bench besides me saying “One pea, two pea, three pea…” 🙂

Watching mom make a new batch of iced tea every morning, adding her “simple syrup” and filling up huge glasses, gulping it down and refilling them all throughout the day.

Laying in bed with Mom watching stupid late night TV shows and eating rootbeer and banana popsicles.

Riding my bike to the corner store for candy. I’ve been doing this since I can remember. It once was painted bright blue so we called it “The Blue Store” but then they painted it this weird gold color. But the name stuck. They have painted it countless colors over the years but we will always call it the Blue store.

This is just the tip of the iceburg of the summer memories I have in this place, not to mention all the other memories I have collected over the years. What I love is that no matter where I go…Ellensburg, Africa, Santa Cruz….I always return home and feel the most like me.