I will wait for You there
Down on my knees where I met You
Give You all of my cares
Find a grace to hold onto now
Im calling for You
I will wait for You there
far from the world and its violence
It left us broken and bare
I need to hear You in the silence now
Im calling for You
And with outstretched arms
I will sing out melodies
And my beating heart
Will pour out a symphony
Hallelujahs in the morning
Hallelujahs in the night
I will wait for you as long as I have life
I will wait for You there
Down On my knees where I met you
Cause life is a war fought with tears
But You are the strength I hold onto now
Im calling for You now.
This Phil Wickham song randomly came up today on my itunes as I was sitting in Peets. I hadn’t actually listened to the words before. Tears instantly came streaming down my face.
I think it’s because right now I am calling for Him. And I am down on my knees, where I continually go to meet with Him. Ive been reading alot of the Gospels and it’s so beautiful how often people fall on their knees before Jesus. Such a humbling position. I NEED TO HEAR YOU IN THE SILENCE NOW.
But I feel like I’m not listening. How does one learn how to listen to the Maker of the universe? Is it even something you can learn? Or do I just need to be patient enough to sit in the silence, the discomfort, the pain? WITH OUTSTRETCHED ARMS I WILL SING OUT MELODIES AND MY BEATING HEART WILL POUR OUT A SYMPHONY.
You are the strength I hold onto now.
And then this song came up a few minutes later by JJ Heller.
I’m trying to follow
I’m trying my best to do what you said
But what about tomorrow
Are you sure I’m not in over my head

Everything is changing all around me
Is this the ending of a dream
I thought I was doing what you wanted
It isn’t as easy as it seemed

I’m losing my vision
I’m fighting the doubting with all that I am
It’s been awhile since you last gave me something
To go on
Tell me it’s not the end

It seemed like I did everything right
Now I see that it’s all wrong
Do you want me to move on
Can you tell me where I belong


The Lord your God, who is going before you, will FIGHT FOR YOU, before your very eyes, and in the desert. It was in the desert that you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.-Deuteronomy 1:30-31